Tuna Salad


Hi guys! I know I’ve been away really long. And no, I’m not sitting on my laurels (I won best photo blog at the food bloggers association of India awards ;)… I’ve just been away attending to family emergencies. I’m back though with a whole new load of recipes that you’re gonna love!

I’m on one of my moody diets that call for loading protein into my system. My absolute favourite is Fish. I love prawns but as you know, anything delicious is unhealthy. So I opted for Tuna. I love this particular Tuna salad ‘coz its’ so simple and fresh! You can substitute any steamed or tinned fish for tuna. 5 minutes is all it takes, say whaaaaaaa!!!

Here’s what you need,

Don’t you have all these ingredients in your refrigerator right now?

I used tinned tuna in sunflower oil as I love the flavour. I recommend a tin that reads tuna CHUNKS and not FLAKES. Flakes are really boring… that reason isn’t good enough, you say?

Strain the oil, preserving a teaspoon for flavour. Add the tuna and the oil in a mixing bowl and break up the tuna with a fork.

I like mine chunky… you may think I’m lazy… well…

To finish or begin, add all the other ingredients and give it a good mix with that spoon!

I like my salad not tasting like a salad… if that makes any sense at all.

For friends, I’d throw in a few nachos and beers 🙂

Tuna salsa, oh I love it!

Quick and lonely lunch for me would mean Tuna salad slapped on lightly toasted baguette with some tomatoes and lettuce.

That’s a satisfying meal. It’s a great way to consume all the goodness with absolutely no compromise on taste.

Hope you guys try it.

Have a brilliant week.

Tuna Salad
: Salad
  • Tuna tin 1
  • Onion 1
  • Tomato 1 small or ½ big
  • Coriander a few sprigs
  • Chili 1
  • Lime juice 1 tsp.
  • Black salt/ salt to taste
  • Lettuce chopped 4-5 leaves
  1. Strain the oil and mix the tuna with all the other ingredients. Wrap it in a tortilla or blanket with a baguette!




So, what do you think ?