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Chocolate Almond Mug Cake

Hi guys! I’m very happy today and I have no idea why… It’s just one of those happy days 🙂 tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, I’m sure many of you are baking heart shaped cookies, cakes, chocolates and so on. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the day with my husband. But really, what’s valentines’ day […]



Go Liquorish! It’s ya b’day! We gonna party like it’s ya bday! Yes it is our first birthday! We turned one yesterday! My dad turned 1+ a few years yesterday too 😉 They both, my dad and liquorish, love food and facebook! 🙂 I’d like to thank all of you for liking, sharing and commenting […]


Instant Chocolate Doughnuts

Love doughnuts? Yeah, so do I. Ain’t got no patience to go through with the long wait, the fermenting and doubling. I usually walk into a doughnut ‘bar’, where people get high on doughnuts, and get myself one. There are these cold days when I’d rather stay indoors. Today is one such. While lazing and […]


Chocolate Pudding… the Italian way!

I’ve been away lately… busy with a cook off I took part in last week. I was disappointed in myself for I didn’t make it to the finale. But then again, it was my first time and it’d be no fun if winning was that easy, right? I made a Spiced Apple and Almond Cake […]


Fudgy Chocolate Balls!

Christmas Christmas Christmas! What a beautiful holiday season! Hello every one! I was thinking of what I miss the most this season. It’s got to be Goa! What a perfect time to be in Goa! I can’t begin to tell you about the place around this time of the year. Every one’s homes, shops, carts […]


Croissant Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate makes my world go round. Hola people! I made this pudding yesterday and we ate and at some more. My mother would make bread pudding and the only thing missing was a crispy texture. Bread often goes soggy when refrigerated, croissants don’t. The outside of the croissant as you can see, turns into this […]