Mango Salsa and Grilled Chicken


Mangoes are here! Hi guys. It’s raining mangoes here in India… The only consoling part of the season!

The heat is unbearable and the weather is dry,

My lips are chapped and the head’s ready to fry.

And then comes the Mango, Mm I love the taste,

There’s nothing better than when the juice runs down my face.

I know how silly I sound but this what I call ‘The Mango Effect’. I can sit alone in a corner and gorge on mangoes for days. I can’t tell different varieties by it’s taste simple because I don’t care. A mango is a mango is a mangoJ. Brace yourselves for the many mango recipes this season.

Mango Salsa is a fresh, sweet, tangy, hot accompaniment that perfectly complements grilled chicken. I also serve salsa with a bag of nachos or pita bread. Mango Salsa unlike others serves not only as a dip but also a refreshing salad. The kick from the chilies, the sourness from the lemon, the fresh flavors from the mint and coriander and the punch from the spring onion! You’ve gotta try this one!

Here’s what you need

I used Alphonso but honestly, any sweet mango will work just as well!

Slice the mango and score into a mesh with a sharp knife as shown below.

Press the skin towards you and invert to form tiny little pretty squares all over.

With your fingers or the knife cut the cubes and tip into a salad bowl.

I like getting my fingers messy… you know why…

Mince or slice spring onion. I like the crunch so I prefer to slice it fine.

Chop the mint and coriander fine and beautify the mango.

Pour in fish sauce… the flavorful salt substitute for the salsa.

To balance the flavors, sprinkle sugar, preferably castor sugar although I used the regular variety.

Chili flakes to your tolerance… I dump a whole teaspoon! Sadly, I didn’t site any fresh red chili!

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon… it just wakes up all the flavors…

And some crushed peanuts for the nutty bite! I used mildly salted peanuts.

DO NOT season as the fish sauce and the peanuts are salty.

For the grilled chicken, I used 2 chicken breasts and no particular method. I usually butterfly chicken breasts so the cook quickly and evenly.

Slit along the center with a sharp knife to open the breast like a book.

Open up and drizzle olive oil and spices of your choice. I used onion powder, paprika, cajun spice, herbs de Provence (thyme, basil and rosemary) and seasoned generously with salt and black pepper. I used my Panini maker to grill the breasts, 3-4 minutes each side. Pan frying is an option too.

And its’ done! Presenting Grilled Chicken and Mango Salsa!

The hero truly is the Mango Salsa.

Heaven on earth!

You can refrigerate for a couple of hours and serve the salsa straight out of the refrigerator to beat the heat!

Bon appetit!

Have a great day!


Mango 1

Spring onion ½ a strand

Chili flakes ½ tsp.

Mint and coriander ½ tsp.

Crushed peanuts 1 tsp.

Fish sauce ½ tsp.

Sugar 1 tsp.

Lemon juice ½ tsp.


Slice the mango and score to form a mesh pattern with a sharp knife. Invert the skin and cut the cubes with a knife. Slice spring onion, chop mint and coriander and toss into the mango. Add fish sauce, sugar, chili flakes and peanuts and give it one final toss. Serve over custom made grilled chicken!

So, what do you think ?