Chocolate Pudding… the Italian way!


I’ve been away lately… busy with a cook off I took part in last week. I was disappointed in myself for I didn’t make it to the finale. But then again, it was my first time and it’d be no fun if winning was that easy, right? I made a Spiced Apple and Almond Cake with butterscotch sauce. I loved it! The judges said they loved it when they came to my tasting table. Their comments lead to high hopes. Their verdict was final so I couldn’t do much but feel bad.

It was overwhelming to interact with the chefs on a personal level. I took back a lot from the competition and I’m definitely going better prepared the next time. My butterscotch sauce received rave reviews from the judges. I will share the recipe with you guys soon. But for now, the best chocolate pudding ever!

This is a really simple pudding made authentically in little Italian homes with Amaretto, almond liquor. I happened to stumble upon the recipe by an adorable old man from Italy; I tried it within minutes and loved it! Amaretto is exorbitantly priced in India so I decided to substitute with almond essence and it as brilliant.

You are going to lose yourself in the smooth silky pudding. To hell with calories… just indulge and drown in this decadent pool of chocolate!

You need,

That is all you need. The key to this pudding is using the best variety of chocolate you can find. Investing in chocolate is far more viable than the stock market these days 😉

I used amazing chocolate chips that were rich in cocoa butter. I’m hoping my friends in Switzerland and Belgium read this post!

Pour whole cream milk into a saucepan. Add flour, vanilla essence and almond essence.

Heat the sauce pan to a gentle simmer whisking the mixture continuously to break any lumps.

At this point, you’ll probably think it’s easier to use corn flour. That’s a terrible idea!

Whisk for 3-4 minutes and soon you’ll see the milk thicken. Take the sign and move on.

Add chocolate with constant whisking. If the sweetness in the chocolate isn’t enough, it’s time to pluck your sweet tooth 😉

You can add sugar if you wish to at this stage and done we are!

That is the most amazingly easy, silky, decadent… I run out of the adjectives… pudding you’ll ever have.

So I usually make a platter with different toppings and let people take their pick. It’s just fancy that way 🙂

I also grated some dark and milk chocolate and served up in shot glasses although that wouldn’t satisfy a glutton like me. I had 4 of those…eeeeee!

Dusted cocoa powder over another…. Oh that was delicious!

You’ve got to try this… crushed butter cookies… You are gonna love me for this!

As if that was not enough…

The pudding’s great warm or cold. Remember to wrap with cling film to avoid skin formation on the top.

If you love chocolate as much as me, you are on your way to heaven!

Have a wonderful day!


Milk 500 ml

Flour 1 tbsp.


Almond essence 2 drops

Vanilla essence 1 tsp.


Heat milk, flour, almond and vanilla essence with constant whisking until thickened. Add chocolate and whisk into a smooth silky pudding and serve warm or cold.




So, what do you think ?