Chicken and Mushroom Open Face Sandwich


I’ve been gone a while on a little holiday. We had a long weekend, what do you expect 🙂 I had this really interesting simple sandwich at a restaurant … it’s really hard to eat healthy while on a holiday. It was like a subway sandwich almost minus the unhealthy dressing. I love mushrooms, bet you guessed that by now. And grilled chicken…yum! It was like a salad on a baguette. So I decided to give it a shot in my kitchen! I may have Chinese connections 😉

I loved the sandwich and I’m definitely going to make this over and over again and of course give myself credit for the idea!

Here’s what you need

I used a white garlic baguette, but gluten free is the way to go. I use a lot of balsamic vinegar so I invested in a big bottle. A suitable substitute would be white vinegar. Also, Rucola is what I had in the refrigerator. I have also used lettuce and baby spinach in the past.

Season chicken with salt and pepper liberally.

Heat olive oil in a pan.

Tip in the chicken breasts.

When almost done on one side, add a tiny knob of butter into the saucepan.

Flip over and baste chicken with the butter oil mixture with a spoon.

Basting is pouring the butter oil mixture on the chicken while its’ cooking.

When cooked, place the chicken breast on a baguette and pour the juices over it.

Immediately cover with aluminum foil and let it rest as we get the mushrooms ready.

In the same sauce pan, sauté sliced mushrooms with butter.

Season with salt and pepper.

Splash of vinegar and toss.

The golden mushrooms make everything pretty.

Add the mushrooms into a bowl with salad leaves and sliced onions thus wilting the leaves a little.

Unwrap the chicken in the baguette and place on a chopping board.

Cut the baguette open with a sharp knife.

For the assembling, slice the chicken and arrange on the baguette.

Top with the mushrooms and leaves and drizzle olive oil.

Bite right into the healthy sandwich and feel great! The mushrooms and chicken work so well together.

Buttered corn to finish the meal!

That’s my chicken and mushroom salad sandwich.

Have a great day 🙂


Chicken breast 2

Mushrooms 6-7

Onion 1

Salad greens 1 bag

Balsamic vinegar 3 tbsp.

Butter 1 knob

Baguette 1

Salt and Pepper to taste


Season chicken with salt and pepper generously. Heat oil in a pan and cook the breast on one side. When almost done, add butter. Flip over and baste with the butter oil mixture. Place the cooked breast on a cut open baguette and pour the juices into the baguette. Wrap with aluminum foil and set aside. In the same pan, sauté mushrooms with butter and season with salt and pepper. Pour in balsamic vinegar and add the cooked mushroom to the salad bowl with the leaves and onions. Unwrap the baguette and slice the chicken on a chopping board. Assemble the sandwich with chicken topped with the mushroom salad and finish with a gentle drizzle of olive oil.

So, what do you think ?