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Crispy Asian Tofu

Tofu, you say? Not a huge fan! Neither am I. But what if I promise it’s gonna be crispy, crunchy and ‘peanut’y all at the same time? Hellooooo! As you know, I’m turning into this protein addict. I experiment a lot these days with meat, eggs, lentils, seeds. Tofu is a soya product and a […]


Tandoori Prawns

I promised to be back, and I am! Tandoor is my favorite tool in the Indian household. Whoever discovered cooking with coal was genius! That being said, the tandoor set up is time consuming and when the tummy is full, that mess can totally put you off ! As you guessed, my tandoor is meant […]


Healthy Noodle Salad

Hi all! I’ve missed you guys… I’ve turned into this freaky health freak lately. Well, freaky because I freak myself with my choices of food! I can’t stand to eat unhealthy anymore… I’m not complaining but it’s more of a lifestyle change and I’m loving every bit of it. I do love my doughnuts, but […]


Paprika Chicken

Hello my lovely readers! I’m very happy to be getting along with my You Tube channel. It’s a whole new world out there and it seems nice 🙂 I’ve been trying my hand at editing my videos as well, its’ a lot of learning and I’m loving it. It’s the exact same feeling as when […]



Hi y’all! It feels so lovely to get back to the cooking- shooting routine. I missed it more than one can imagine. My website’s got its’ much needed make over. Yaayy! Its’ way more organized now and seems easier to navigate around. I’d be more than happy to hear about the design from you guys… […]


Charcoal Smoked Indian Dal (Smoked lentils)

Hello all! I am mighty excited as I write this post; my recipes have been accepted by a few food forums. It feels great to see your pictures in their forums, a sense of reassurance, I guess. I have taken to cooking after 27 years of pondering about where I was going with my life. […]