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Crispy Asian Tofu

Tofu, you say? Not a huge fan! Neither am I. But what if I promise it’s gonna be crispy, crunchy and ‘peanut’y all at the same time? Hellooooo! As you know, I’m turning into this protein addict. I experiment a lot these days with meat, eggs, lentils, seeds. Tofu is a soya product and a […]


Healthy Noodle Salad

Hi all! I’ve missed you guys… I’ve turned into this freaky health freak lately. Well, freaky because I freak myself with my choices of food! I can’t stand to eat unhealthy anymore… I’m not complaining but it’s more of a lifestyle change and I’m loving every bit of it. I do love my doughnuts, but […]


Tuna Salad

Hi guys! I know I’ve been away really long. And no, I’m not sitting on my laurels (I won best photo blog at the food bloggers association of India awards ;)… I’ve just been away attending to family emergencies. I’m back though with a whole new load of recipes that you’re gonna love! I’m on […]


Som Tam, a favorite!

Yes, I did feel the need to say ‘a favorite’ right at the start. As you know, we spent a week in Thailand and I practically lived on som tam! Every restaurant gave it their unique touch thus tasting different every single time.  Som tam is a robust mixture of raw papaya, fish and peanuts. […]


Colorful Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

The festival of colors is here! Holi, as we call it in India, is celebrated to welcome the new season of spring. I’ve never celebrated Holi with my family as we just never observed the day as an auspicious one. I have, although, goofed around with friends throwing colors and cracking eggs rendering our hair […]


Chicken and Mushroom Open Face Sandwich

I’ve been gone a while on a little holiday. We had a long weekend, what do you expect 🙂 I had this really interesting simple sandwich at a restaurant … it’s really hard to eat healthy while on a holiday. It was like a subway sandwich almost minus the unhealthy dressing. I love mushrooms, bet […]