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Strawberry Mojito

Yay! Its’ the weekend again! Who doesn’t love weekends, right… My ideal weekend is sipping on a glass of homemade Long Island Ice tea while my husband grills tandoori chicken in the backyard, with friends, of course :). Its’ been a while since I did this though, thanks to busy schedules! This time of the […]


Snicker Bar Milkshake

A milkshake made with snickers! Hi guys 🙂 I’m back after a long holiday and it feel so gooood. So this milkshake happened at a cafeteria in Bangalore. I met a few pals from school and, oh boy, were we excited to gossip!  I’m a pluviophile! With the city doing what it does best, I […]



Hi guys. I did speak of fruit tarts in my Galette post. Needless to say, I adore them. So much so that we sing to each other 🙂 I love tarts, period! Addition of seasonal fruit makes it something else. The texture of the tart shell is primary. I get put off by soggy tarts. […]