I truly believe everyone’s born with a gift. The trick is finding it and the joy is perfecting it. That being said, I had no idea what I loved doing until very recently. And when I found out, I was over the moon. I always loved to eat; little did I know I love to feed more. I’m obsessed with anything edible. I try and innovate around my kitchen, my husband plays guinea pig usually! He’s been the reason for all the good things. So yes, getting back to food, I’ve trained under a Chinese chef for obvious reasons. I’m hoping to learn as I share my knowing’s of food with you all.

I remember looking up some great websites like smitten kitchen and thinking to myself, ‘Hey I want to do that too’. But then there were too many questions like ‘Can I photograph or present as well’. My husband came to my rescue and began clicking as I cooked. But soon, it didn’t seem like a permanent option which lead me to learning a new art, that I thoroughly enjoy today.

Cooking makes me happy. Happier than the classic you’ve lost weight compliment 🙂 Hope my food brings joy in your homes as well. Thank you for dropping by!