Crispy Asian Tofu

Tofu, you say? Not a huge fan! Neither am I. But what if I promise it’s gonna be crispy, crunchy and ‘peanut’y all at the same time? Hellooooo! As you know, I’m turning into this protein addict. I experiment a lot these days with meat, eggs, lentils, seeds. Tofu is a soya product and a […]


Barley risotto

Helloooo my lovely readers. I am posting after really really long and I’ve got reasons for doing so… You’ll know soon 🙂 Anyway, as most of you know I love whole grains… way more than Arborio rice! Hence, Barley risotto. Its creamy, silky and absolutely delicious. Barley is one of my favorite grains and I […]

sweet potato3

Hasselback Sweet Potato with Schezwan Sauce

Hasselback Sweet Potato with Schezwan Sauce Print Liquorish: Liquorish Ingredients Sweet potato with skin 1 Olive oil 1 tbsp Schezwan sauce 2 tbsp Salt to taste Method Preheat the oven to 200 C. Cut into a washed, scrubbed and dried sweet potato as shown in the video. Brush the sweet potato with oil and bake […]


Breakfast smoothie

Hello lovelies! I’m sharing with you all my formula to rise and shine… my quick and delicious breakfast smoothie! It’s extremely healthy, it’s fun to make and most importantly gives you the energy boost you need to kick start your day. I love it and I bet you will! Top it with some home made […]


Tandoori Prawns

I promised to be back, and I am! Tandoor is my favorite tool in the Indian household. Whoever discovered cooking with coal was genius! That being said, the tandoor set up is time consuming and when the tummy is full, that mess can totally put you off ! As you guessed, my tandoor is meant […]


Healthy Noodle Salad

Hi all! I’ve missed you guys… I’ve turned into this freaky health freak lately. Well, freaky because I freak myself with my choices of food! I can’t stand to eat unhealthy anymore… I’m not complaining but it’s more of a lifestyle change and I’m loving every bit of it. I do love my doughnuts, but […]


Paprika Chicken

Hello my lovely readers! I’m very happy to be getting along with my You Tube channel. It’s a whole new world out there and it seems nice 🙂 I’ve been trying my hand at editing my videos as well, its’ a lot of learning and I’m loving it. It’s the exact same feeling as when […]

Stir fry2

Garlic Pepper Prawns

Hellllooooo my lovely readers. I’m posting after really long! That’s because I’ve been planning for bigger things for Liquorish. The result, a YouTube channel 🙂 so yes, my channel is called Liquorish. Please subscribe although the video may just be tragic right now as it’s my first time. I had so much fun bonding with […]


Chocolate Almond Mug Cake

Hi guys! I’m very happy today and I have no idea why… It’s just one of those happy days 🙂 tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, I’m sure many of you are baking heart shaped cookies, cakes, chocolates and so on. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the day with my husband. But really, what’s valentines’ day […]



Prawns on toast would be more appropriate. With valentines’ day round the corner, I’m sure many of us are looking to cook up something fancy, yet simple for our loved ones. My idea of spending this day with my loved ones would be in the comfort of my home, for many reasons. I love spending […]


Mini Pavlova with strawberry and cream

Hi guys! Here’s another super simple post and it had to be dessert! I haven’t had a sinful dessert in a while, so I just had to make this one with fresh strawberries all over the place. It feels like yesterday, I was ranting about choosing the right size of strawberry for desserts; last year […]


Sesame crusted Chicken Schnitzel with Honey- Mustard sauce

Happy New Year lovely readers. I know I’m 23 days late but I’ve been busy travelling, lately. Busy may just not be the right word for a holiday such as Goa 😉 So as you can guess, this recipe is Goa inspired. We ate at a restaurant called La Plage in Goa. Foodies out there, […]


Thai Basil Chicken

Hellloooo! I’m writing this post on the last day of the year. It’s been a year of mishaps ending with the Air Asia tragedy. My heart goes out to the families. Praying for strength to overcome your loss. I really hope this year fairs better. For Liquorish, this year has been pretty darn good! 🙂 […]


Mushroom Bruschetta

Hello lovely readers! I know I know I’ve been away really long. I owe you all an explanation… in one word… LAZY! The winters are really taking a toll on me. I can’t get myself to do anything. I just want to laze in bed and watch TV with a cup of hot chocolate until […]

Pad thai16.jpg

Pad Thai

My kitchen smells heavenly right now. That’s because I just made Pad Thai. Oooh the heat, the piquancy, the sweet aftertaste, I love it! I’m not going to blabber on this post ‘coz I’m certain you guys are not exactly interested. I’m gonna jump straight to the recipe. And yes, this is the authentic Pad […]


Roasted Corn Soup

Winter is coming! Oh yes, a huge GOT fan! 🙂 Its’ getting really cold this side o’town. But its’ sunny as well, thank God for that. The markets are filled with fresh spinach, lettuce, carrots, apples and varieties of herbs. I do wish I could take my camera every single time I went vegetable shopping; […]


Strawberry Mojito

Yay! Its’ the weekend again! Who doesn’t love weekends, right… My ideal weekend is sipping on a glass of homemade Long Island Ice tea while my husband grills tandoori chicken in the backyard, with friends, of course :). Its’ been a while since I did this though, thanks to busy schedules! This time of the […]

Tuna salad8.jpg

Tuna Salad

Hi guys! I know I’ve been away really long. And no, I’m not sitting on my laurels (I won best photo blog at the food bloggers association of India awards ;)… I’ve just been away attending to family emergencies. I’m back though with a whole new load of recipes that you’re gonna love! I’m on […]



Go Liquorish! It’s ya b’day! We gonna party like it’s ya bday! Yes it is our first birthday! We turned one yesterday! My dad turned 1+ a few years yesterday too 😉 They both, my dad and liquorish, love food and facebook! 🙂 I’d like to thank all of you for liking, sharing and commenting […]

Meat balls7.jpg

Meat balls

Hellllllllloooooooo! I’m back from a fantastic holiday. It’s been forever since I cooked up something fancy. Yes, good holidays do result in terrible hang overs no coffee can cure! While I didn’t particularly like American food, I freaked out on Greek, Asian and Italian food. I had the best tacos and guacamole ever at a […]